Today Mariz is synonymous with hydraulic telescopic cylinders for light tipping vehicles for both industrial and agricultural market.

Telescopic cylinders for rear, lateral or three-way tipping solutions, hand pumps and power-packs: please see our catalogue for further information. Mariz is a Company of the Binotto Group, which in Italy has two production plants with automated machinery and test systems that use state-of-the-art technologies.

The Binotto Group is the only one in Europe to manufacture such a vast quantity and variety of telescopic front-end and under-body cylinders, capable of covering the widest range of lifting capacities, from 2 to 100 tons, with countless technical product variants to satisfy the needs and desires of thousands of customers in over 150 countries throughout the world.

Mariz has the independence and strength to coherently attain its long-term corporate objectives. This characteristic allows us to continuously improve our offer and service, without ever relinquishing the quality of our construction philosophy.